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To join, simply shoot me an email with the following information below. My email is Also keep in mind, both real wrestlers, as well as created wrestlers are accepted. Here is how it works. If you choose to submit a created wrestler, you need to pick a real wrestler for your photo. If someone has already chosen that person to roleplay as, you will have to make another choice. For example, if someone joins as John Cena, and two days later, someone wants to join with a created wrestler but use John Cenas photo, they will not be able to. They will have to pick a different person. Also, no dead wrestlers. I don't care if it is someone real or created, do not use a dead wrestlers photo. If they are retired, that is perfectly fine.

1. Wrestler Name:

2. Age:

3. Height:

4. Weight:

5. Photo:

6. Entrance Music:
7. Finisher:
8. Signature Moves:

9. Bio(only for created wrestlers)

Fill out that, and send it to my email listed above.