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1. This is a pretty simple one. No drama, no fighting, no arguing. If I get told that you are attacking someone personally for ANYTHING, you will have one chance to shape up, and if you continue to do it, I will boot you. This is meant for fun, not bs.

2. Shows will be put up on the Karnage board, along with the deadline to post your roleplays in.

3. I want people to strive for both quality and quantity. That means, for a regular show like Karnage, the max # of promos you can put up are 5. For a PPV, the max is increased to 7. This will be reposted on the Karnage board for all to see. 

4. For those who have not taken part in this kind of efed before, what occurs if the card is announced a few days to week before the deadline. You will have till the deadline to write as many rps(roleplays), as you would like. Keep in mind, you can always write 1 or 2, then wait to see how your opponent responds before busting out anymore promos. It may give you some inspiration. 

5. For now there will be 1 show, Karnage, along with a monthly PPV. Depending on when the roster increases substantially to the point I can't give each wrestler a match on Karnage, I may create a 2nd brand/show

6. Last and most important of all. Have fun guys!

***There may be more rules added as I think of them, so be sure to check back here once in a while